550 tea glasses and tea

Show in a space carved in the ground floor of a construction site called MD X Gallery in Izmir includes two pieces never shown anywhere else. First piece is “550 days full of honor and glory” and it is made of 550 glasses of tea in the form number 550 which is borrowed from the notebooks given to every soldier. Each square is has a sequence of number from 1 to 550 and checked by the soldier each morning. The myth is that there is a cult around this ritual where the soldier shouts the name of the city associated with the particular number each morning. This diagram made of tea makes perfect sense as tea is the only luxury soldiers get (along with a pack of cigarette) during their breaks.

550 DAYS OF HONOR AND GLORY (installation view), 1994

550 tea glasses and tea


mixed media, installation view, Gallery Santiye, Izmir

The show included a room “Slide show” as well which was a seating area and a platform made of recycled wood used in the construction of the building with a slide projector showing the previous works which were never shown in the country before.